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I needed to get a copy of some old tax summaries from the . I was dreading spending half my day doing so, but had a very pleasant surprise.

My first call had the robot tell me that I could hold on, or have someone call me back (at my place in the queue). This would have been a great thing to do if the wait was ages. As it happened, they said the wait was only 2 -4 minutes, so I held on and I got to a human within three minutes.

The staffer understood what I needed and told me I could either request them by post (which takes ages) or get myself a login and retirieve them myself. I already had a business login, but not a persomal one. I decided to give the personal login a go, but was nervous that it would again takes ages.

Went to the website, filled in the forms in around 90 seconds. Then phoned the validation phone number and they asked me some questions. In well under five minutes my account is operative.

I login to IRD, and locate the tax summaries I need, save them as pdfs and e-mail them to my bank. Total time is less than 10 minutes.

I am seriously impressed with that sort of service. Well done IRD.

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