Labour flip-flops again

Audrey Young in the NZ Herald reports:

Labour has again changed its position on the foreshore and seabed, withdrawing its support for the bill repealing the current law while it is part-way through the select committee process. …

And they note the multiple flip-flops:

* 2004: Labour Govt passes Foreshore and Seabed Act asserting Crown ownership, preventing Maori from claiming customary title in court, but setting up alternative regime of rights.

* 2009 April: Labour in Opposition renounces F&S Act saying it would support law restoring right to go to court.

* 2009 Nov: Leader Phil Goff says there is nothing wrong with the way F&S Act is working and repeal would be cynical.

* 2010 Sept: Labour supports new bill designed to repeal F&S Act.

* 2010 Dec: Labour withdraws its support for the bill.

If we wait long enough, I’m sure we’ll get position No 6.

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