MPs pay 2010

The Remuneration Authority has heeded the PM’s advice, and has not done a massive pay rise to compensate for loss of the travel perk.

The perk had been valued at over $9,000 and this value was deducted from MPs remuneration to get their base salary. However the compensation has been set at only $2,000 – recognising that not all MPs were using the perk. This should mean the abolition leads to a net saving for taxpayers. There is a warning that this may just be an interim adjustment until they get advice from on what the value of the travel entitlement was deemed to be.

The wage incraese is 1.4%, which is at the lower end of the public sector. Also worth noting that there was no increase at all last year.

So the new salaries are:

  1. PM $400,500
  2. DPM $282,500
  3. Cabinet Ministers, Speaker and Oppn Leader $249,100
  4. Ministers outside Cabinet $209,100
  5. Chief Government Whip $184,640
  6. Deputy Leader Labour $180,420
  7. Labour Senior Whip $179,600
  8. Deputy Speaker $174,200
  9. Green Party Leader $161,230
  10. Green Whip $152,130
  11. Assistant Speakers  & Select Committee Chairs $148,500
  12. Whip, Whip, Nat Junior Whip, Lab Junior Whip $148,500
  13. Progressive Party Leader $148,500
  14. Select Committee Deputy Chairs $139,100
  15. Other MPs $134,800

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