Pike River likely to be sealed

After a couple of months of failure to make safe to enter, the Police announcement that the recovery operation will cease is no surprise.

It is deeply disappointing for the families. It will make it far harder to get closure.

From what I have read of conditions in the mine, there may not have been much in the way to recover – perhaps some bones and teeth. If the temperatures have been over 1000 degrees as some reports suggest, then it could be just teeth.

UPDATE: Labour shows there is no depth to which they won’t let Trevor descend to. And they wonder why they are so low in the polls. Everyone knows it is not about the money – but about the inability to safely enter the mine. This really is a new low in disgusting and crassness. One could almost see them celebrating the news the mine could not be entered safely, thinking “yay we can try and slime John Key with this”.

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