Weirdness in Botany

First of all, we have the Labour candidate conceding the by-election a month before the vote. Brian Rudman writes:

But a week later he pops up in a local newspaper across town to assure his supporters in Mt Roskill that his adventures in are just a temporary folly and would not affect his role as a member of Puketapapa Local Board.

He told Central Leader readers that “Botany is a strong National seat that I’m not going to be able to win as a Labour candidate. It’s not going to be something that pulls me away from Mt Roskill.”

Reassuring for Roskillites, perhaps, but if I were a voter in Botany I’d be thinking, “If that guy has already decided he’s a loser, with nothing by way of policy in his back pocket that he thinks will change my mind, then why should I waste my vote and prove him wrong?”

I am surprised Michael’s concession of the by-election has not attracted as much publicity, as when Melissa Lee did much the same for Mt Albert. Arguably Wood’s actions are worse – Botany has a smaller majority than Mt Albert for one. But more importantly Lee’s statement was made under pressure on live radio. Wood has conceded defeat in a written column.

Of course it is highly unlikely Labour will win Botany – I don’t expect them to do so. But a major party candidate should never ever say they will not win – it is a kick in the guts for their volunteers. Experienced politicians (and Wood has stood twice before) know that you downplay expectations, but never outright concede until the vote is counted.

All in all it is a bad look for Labour that their candidate is more concerned about reassuring the residents of Mt Roskill that he won’t be gone for long, rather than giving Botany voters a reason to vote for him.

Also weird if this description from the ACT candidate: (H/T: Not PC)

Business lecturer Lyn Murphy has won the party’s candidate nomination and she intends to win. …

Politically, she puts herself to the left of Mr Ross and to the right of Labour’s .

“I am the person for the central voter,” she says.

Has transformed into United Future? Is Lyn Murphy saying that Ross stands for less spending and lower taxes than her? If not, on what basis does she say he is to the right of her?

So we have a Labour candidate who has already conceded defeat, and an ACT candidate who effectively has said ACT supporters should vote for Jami-Lee. Maybe the New Citizens Party will do quite well after all!

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