Can you be that stupid?

Bevan Hurley at the HoS reports:

Jailed Kiwi knew she was carrying a secret parcel in a hidden compartment in her suitcase – but she is adamant she had no idea the parcel contained drugs. …

In the interview yesterday, the former Wellington civil servant said she was tricked into believing she was taking a top secret business contract to a man in London that she had been dating online for six months.

“I know I have been incredibly stupid,” she said. “But I was in love with him.

“He said that it was documents and a contract. I don’t know any more about it and I didn’t ask. I just thought it was really important and that the contract was worth a lot of money.

“I know I am innocent, my family and friends know I am innocent. If you ask them, they will say my biggest fault is that I am too trusting.”

There is trusting, and there is being a moron. I’m sorry, but you’re in Latin America, and the guy you have never met tells you there is a secret compartment and parcel, and tells you not to tell Customs you didn not pack the bags yourself, and no warning bells go off?

Why the hell would a contract need to be hidden in a secret compartment, and could anyone think a contract would weigh 5 kgs?

I have no way of knowing if Ms Armstrong is the most gullible person alive, but frankly I can’t see how she will escape going to jail because her “excuse” is so weak.

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