If she was a man

Jimmy Ellingham writes in the Manawatu Standard:

Student Christine Te Rangimarie Makaore now lives in Palmerston North, but in 2008 she was in Alexandra, working in the hospitality industry.

About 2am on November 16, 2008, Makaore returned from a night’s drinking to the backpackers hotel she was staying at.

Rather than stagger to her own bed, she entered somebody else’s room and started kissing a man that she didn’t know.

It’s not clear if the man was awake or not, or if she just jumped on top of him and started work.

Another man staying in the same room fled to the backpackers’ lounge.

As would be sensible if certain activities are happening in your room.

Makaore disengaged her tongue and followed him, hurling abuse.

She asked for a fight, but the man said no.

Undeterred, Makaore punched him in the chest repeatedly for about a minute.

The man curled up to try to protect himself and managed to get up and run off, but Makaore followed, still throwing punches.

I’m not sure why she was so offended the room-mate the room.

At 9.30am the man went outside to get some food from his car.

Unfortunately for him, Makaore followed him and started kicking him in the legs.

She then grabbed his backpack, pulled out his iPod and threw it to the ground.

She then threw the man’s cellphone against his car and hurled other items on to a nearby garage roof.

The man under attack managed to scoop his iPod off the ground and take shelter in his car, locking Makaore out.

That didn’t please her, so she smashed the car windscreen with her fist.

The man drove off to safety but suffered from a sore wrist, a bruised head and grazes to his legs.

Ouch. Having someone punch their way through your windscreen would be somewhat alarming.

The judge noted Makaore’s lengthy list of driving offences, saying she was probably the North Island champion at notching up driving-while-disqualified convictions.

He said it was unfair for Makaore to “use her width” and “throw her weight around” against people likely to have been smaller.

On two assault charges, two of wilful damage and two sentence breach charges, Makaore was sentenced to 225 hours’ community work and six hours’ supervision.

Okay, so imagine now. Imagine Makaore was a man and the victims were women.

If a man jumped on a sleeping woman and started kissing her, and then chased another woman, hitting her in the chest multiple times, then the next day saw her again, kicked her multile times, grabbed her gear and smashed it, and then smashed the windscreen of her car, well what sort of penalty do you think he would get? Is there anyway it would not be jail time?

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