Well done Celia & Council

Dave Burgess at Dom Post reports:

A motion by Wellington City Council opposing the controversial sign has been condemned as “posturing” by one councillor.

Wellington mayor successfully moved a motion at last night’s full council meeting asking Wellington International Airport to reconsider its decision to put up the sign. It passed by 10-4.

That is excellent, and exactly the sort of leadership I was asking for.

But Wellington City councillor John Morrison told Radio this morning that the resolution was “a posturing effort” that would achieve nothing.

“We were impetuous. We leaped into … the herd mentality.”

Instead, the council should be talking to the airport directly.

“Can’t we ring them up? Couldn’t we go to the board room? The airport are very reasonable people to talk to.”

Are they? Their chief executive is in the media saying it doesn’t matter what you all think, we are determined to put this sign up and there is no way it won’t go up.

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