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With work so busy for me, plus the pressure of regular columns on other sites, I’m finding it difficult to do as much as I would like to on . I’m not going to, and never would, do an Iain Dale and stop blogging – I enjoy it too much for that.

But what I am going to try, is to see if there are any readers interested in helping out with Kiwiblog. These are not paid roles, but volunteer roles. A chance to contribute, and if you really want have a fancy title 🙂

These are the roles which I have identified as most useful to me for now.


  • Do regular posts of political events – who’s on Backbenches, Q+A, The Nation as we receive them, and iPredict newsletter updates.
  • Set up the General Debate to appear at 8 am for each day
  • Correct any obvious typos in my posts
  • Approve any comments held in moderation (normally from new posters)
  • Clear the spam queue
  • Embed a Daily Dilbert Cartoon
  • Feed quotes into the Quotes Collection

Data Monkey

After someone who is a whiz on Excel. Don’t need to know all the fancy advanced features, but is good with data. I’d like to do more data analysis on Kiwiblog, but don’t have as much time to to do it all myself.

An example of what I am after is the planned series of posts on Electoral Reform. One of the posts will be on how porportional each of the five systems are. So what I am after is someone who can use the Gallagher Index to calculate the proportionality of the result for each election from 1996 to 2008, and the average over the five elections.

Then ideally to also model what the results of each election would have been under SM 90/30 and FPP, and to also calculate the Gallagher Index for each of those scenarios. Then one can compare the average proportionality (or not) of FPP, SM and MMP.

None of this is particularly difficult – it just takes time to enter in the data for 5 elections, create alternate results for 10 further scenarios, and then calculate the index for each.


Kiwblog used to have a regular cartoonist. If you want to take up the spot, send me a couple of cartoons.


We have the wonderful nature photos by Chtonoid every Friday. But what I am after is someone in Wellington and probably someone in Auckland who can attend significant political events (marches, rallies, demos etc) and take some photos for Kiwiblog.

So if you are interested in helping, e-mail me.

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