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National Party President Peter Goodfellow was quoted as saying:

National had no inter­est in Labour’s infor­ma­tion of that kind and was not look­ing for it.

“We don’t con­done that sort of behav­iour at all.”

He declined to com­ment on Slater or his actions.

“I don’t have any con­trol over him. If you see what he has writ­ten about me you would prob­a­bly say I prob­a­bly don’t have any con­trol over him. I mean you are talk­ing to the wrong guy there,” he said.

Peter denying he has any sort of control over Peter would normally be the funniest thing in print. Most people will recall that Whale spent several months trying to get Peter not re-elected to the Board.

But Whale’s response is even better:

Damn right they have no con­trol over me, no one does, not even me.

That must be the most perceptive thing Whale has ever said 🙂

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