Key on Euthanasia

Jessica Tasman-Jones at Stuff reports:

Prime Minister has indicated he supports looking at the legislation surrounding .

”That’s because I think, while it’s a sensitive issue that you would have to make sure was properly covered, I think there have also been some tragic cases where we have seen people before the courts where they have [assisted in euthanasia] at the will of the person they have ended their lives for,” he told the Family First forum in Auckland today.

Secretary of Voluntary Euthanasia New Zealand Pat Hubbard said Key’s comments were ”extraordinarily good news” for the ”death with dignity” group.

You certainly do need strong safeguards, if you legalise euthanasia. But it is the right thing to do. People should be able to decide to end their lives, if they are rational and they have little or no quality of life. Hence those who assist, should not be made into criminals for doing so.

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