It was the Radio NZ Mossad branch

The Dom Post reports:

An office containing thousands of sensitive documents was burgled days after a Serious Fraud Office claim against Radio New Zealand was filed, with a copy of the claim among items taken, the occupant says.

John Hickling, husband of former RNZ news boss Lynne Snowdon, who has been locked in an almost decade-long dispute with her former employer, said he was reeling after the break-in at the office in Johnston St, Wellington. “Quite frankly, I’m scared shitless.”

As one should be. It was obviously the work of the Mossad branch of Radio New Zealand.

Most people only know Radio New Zealand for its, well, radio. But they also have an entire section that does break-ins, false passports, counterfeiting, and of course a wet squad.

I understand that Kathryn Ryan is the head of the Mossad branch of Radio NZ. She signs off on all the activities. But day to day operations are done by Jim Mora. By working afternoons only, Mora is free during the evenings to break into buildings, steal documents on behalf of Radio NZ and of course dispose of anyone who gets in the way.