The SIS Document


Embedded above is the OIA response from the . The documents:

  1. notes the Investigation into Israeli Nationals in Christchurch was an issue to be discussed with Goff on 14 March
  2. says that Goff asked “What do we know?”
  3. notes it was “discussed at length”
  4. again notes the briefing on 14 March on the agenda for 6 April
  5. has a copy of the actual investigation paper dated 8 March
  6. notes it was discussed with Goff
  7. also notes that Goff read the investigation paper

And look at all that, and then be reminded by Whale that Goff time and time again claimed in different media he had never been briefed – that in fact the first he heard of the Israelis was when the Southland Times ran their story

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