Fenton v Leitch

At Red Alert Darien Fenton blogs an apology to Sir :

Peter’s a top bloke and he’s done a lot for Kiwi communities, and even though we might disagree on politics these days, I’ve still got a lot of respect for him.

So, Peter, if you are reading this, sorry about the comments.

Leitch has raised over a million dollars for charities.

We will be charitable and assume Darien’s apology was spontaneous and the timing at 10.43 pm was coincidence, not after she got phoned by the NZ Herald in relation to the story they were running today:

Sir Peter said from Melbourne yesterday that he did not know what to say when he heard what Ms Fenton had said about him.

“I honestly don’t know what to say, to be fair – and it’s not often that I’m lost for words. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.

“I’m very disappointed and it’s just taken the wind out of my sails. I’m absolutely gutted by her comments.”

Sir Peter said he supported Helen Clark when Labour was in power and took her to Warriors matches.

“The National Party never complained that I supported Helen Clark,” he said.

“I’ve done nothing with John Key that I didn’t do with Helen Clark – I’ve been a little bit more vocal.”

Poor Sir Peter. He doesn’t realise that this makes him a class traitor. They don’t see it as supporting the PMs you like, they see it as betrayal.

In response to Ms Fenton’s claims that he was “sucking up to John Key big time”, he said: “I thought freedom of speech was one of the things people went to Gallipoli for. But obviously in her opinion, it’s not.”

Ouch. Of course that is not to say that free speech doesn’t have consequences, but advocating not to shop there because someone praised John Key is rather over the top. got it better:

Labour leader Phil Goff said today he did not agree with Ms Fenton’s comments about Sir Peter.

“I’m a real Warriors fan. I’ve been going to their matches for years and have caught up with the Mad Butcher many times. He is a great guy and a great ambassador for rugby league. He is absolutely entitled to express whatever opinion he likes. Go the Warriors against Manly.”

Much smarter.

UPDATE: Sir Peter reveals to Whale Oil how Fenton’s attack made him break down and cry, and how he spent all day cooking at David Lange’s funeral:

“I have been hurt immensely by her, last night I broke down and cried, I just feel stabbed in the back”. Sir Peter then went on to outline all the things he has been doing recently for Christchurch and the huge effort and toll that has taken on him. ” For her to attack me when I am trying my best for this country, well mate, I’m gutted.”

“The worst part in all this is in trying to attack me she has instead attacked 37 hard working, working class franchisees, she is taking the bread from their mouths” he said. “I sold the business 3 and half years ago and she didn’t even get that right”

“I though Labour was for the working class, after this I just don’t know”.

“But the thing that hurts the most is that I feel stabbed in the back. I gave free product and spent all day cooking at David Lange’s funeral, another working class hero, and this is what I get?

And Whale concludes:

When I asked him some political questions he refused to answer them, he said “Mate, I don’t want to get political, I’ve never been political, I just want what is best for this great little country.”

Just as well for Labour there isn’t an election in 57 days or anything like that. Oh shit …..

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