Labour’s national standard policy

Sue Moroney announced for Labour:

Labour will require to use recognised assessment tools and teacher judgement to:

1. Determine the New Zealand Curriculum level a child is achieving.

Sounds like saying will determine how a child is doing against a national standard.

2. Show a child’s rate of progress between reports over the course of a year.

Sounds like the current requirement to report to parents against a national standard

3. Identify not achieving within the curriculum level appropriate to their year at school.

Oh my God, that’s labelling them failures.

4. Decide and report the next learning steps.

5. Report this information in plain language to parents at least twice a year.

Wow almost identical to the current requirement to report progress against a national standard for their year twice a year to parents.

So what is the major difference between Labour and National’s policies?

Basically it is just that Labour will not have schools send their assessment data into the Government, hence preventing the from being able to report on the number of students at a school who are meeting the national standard. That way those evil are prevented.

And that is what this whole fuss has always been about. Opponents of have been intellectually dishonest because the unions have always made clear that if the changed the to remove school assessment data from the Official Information Act, then opposition to would cease.

So Labour’s policy is effectively to keep but to not have the have any idea of how well a school is doing, in case that information got made public. God forbid prospective parents know how well a school is doing.

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