Owen Glenn pledges $100m to New Zealand Youth

3 News reports:

Businessman says he plans to donate a $100 million to youth and education in New Zealand, but it comes with one condition.

The man who donated half a million dollars to the Labour Party prior to the 2005 general election says he is now back the National Party.

Mr Glenn says the money would be invested from primary school through to tertiary education, and beyond to help New Zealand market its products and services overseas.

He says is worried about the way forward for New Zealand when it comes to growing the country’s wealth.

The 71-year-old worries that our politicians could be bereft of ideas and meaningful policies and he also worries that New Zealanders are lacking vitality and get-up-and-go.

The ex-pat entrepreneur who once lived in a state house in South Auckland has made a fortune, ranking sixth equal in this year’s NBR Rich List.

He has also given millions to Kiwi causes, from the Christchurch quake recovery fund to university business school education.

That is a stunningly generous pledge. He made it on The Nation yesterday.
Glenn isn’t so much backing National, as he is not backing Labour and NZ First. He said he has no confidence in either of those parties. He did say he likes some of what the Greens say, thinks John Key is a good Prime Minister and that ACT have some good policies also.
Glenn was of course previously Labour’s biggest donor. And his fall out with them is because he committed an unforgivable sin – he told the truth. On oath to the Privileges Committee he told the truth about his $100,000 donation to help Winston, and he had proof with phone logs and e-mails. Peters and his lawyer were exposed at blatant and repeat liars.
Labour had a choice with the Privileges Committee. They could either vote to say that Owen Glenn was telling the truth (and his version of events was 100% supported by the evidence) or they could vote to say that Winston was telling the truth (despite the fact his version of evidence was contradicted by the evidence). They chose Winston over Owen Glenn, and alienated a man who had been their biggest supporter.

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