Q+A – 4 September 2011

Q+A kicks off with a 90-second news update at the top of the programme, with all the latest from overnight.

Then our two biggest cities go under the microscope. First, we’re live in Christchurch on the first anniversary of the first quake with Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee. In front of the iconic cathedral, Guyon Espiner will ask the minister about the government’s performance so far and where it goes from here?

We’ll also hear briefly from Clayton Cosgrove about what Labour thinks should be happening in the garden city.

Then, Auckland’s big dream.  The new super city council has a draft plan for the next 30 years – who pays and can it deliver? Has it got its priorities right? Mayor Len Brown is live in the studio with Paul Holmes.

Finally, just days out from the Rugby World Cup, the head man Martin Snedden joins us to talk about the impact the next six weeks of rugby will have on this country. Are we ready and excited? Or have the recent corporate controversies taken a toll?

Joining Dr Jon Johansson on the panel are Auckland Chamber of Commerce CEO Michael Barnett and former Christchurch mayor Garry Moore.

Q+A, 9-10am Sundays on TV ONE. Repeats at 9.10pm Sundays, 10.10am and 2.10pm Mondays on TVNZ 7

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