The Nation 10 September 2011

The Pacific and the World Cup
1. Narelle Suisted’s report on the Pacific Forum including exclusive interviews with the Foreign Minister of the Solomon Islands, Nauru and the Palestinian and Luxembourg delegations —Why does the Pacific matter and what next for Fiji.
2. Sean Plunket is with Foreign Minister Murray McCully on the Pacific and New Zealand then the Minister transforms himself into Rugby World Cup Minister and we talk about the only thing everyone else is talking about and what’s really in it for NZ.
3. The Sunday Edition Media Panel is Spiro Zavos (ex Muldoon biographer, journalist on The Dominion, The Sydney Morning Herald and author of Awa Press’s “How to Watch Rugby”) and Dave Robie from AUT’s Pacific Media Centre.

Screening on 10/09/11 – 1030  and 11/09/11 – 0830 – TV3

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