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In a joint press statement, ACT Party Leader Don Brash and President Chris Simmons today confirmed that all ACT candidates would move one place up the list to fill the position vacated by the Party’s retiring Parliamentary Leader John Boscawen, and that the number two spot would be filled by former Party President .

Dr Brash said he was extremely pleased with the calibre of the list and that Ms Isaac would be a great addition to it.

“Catherine is highly respected in the Party, and in business and political circles, and I very much look forward to working with her in the next Parliament,” Dr Brash said.

Mr Simmons said Ms Isaac had the unanimous support of the Party Board, as did Leader Don Brash and all the candidates.

“We’re all very pleased Catherine will be standing at number two. She brings a lot of Party experience and has had a long and successful business career. She will make an excellent MP,” Mr Simmons said.

The ACT List is now:

  1. Don Brash
  2. Catherine Isaac
  3. Don Nicolson
  4. John Banks
  5. David Seymour
  6. Chris Simmons
  7. Stephen Whittington
  8. Kath McCabe
  9. Robyn Stent

The challenge for ACT is to get at least five MPs again. If they get five or more MPs they’ll have a caucus with future leaders in it, and a path forward.

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