Field free

Ian Steward at Stuff reports:

Ex-MP Taito Phillip Field says he spent his time in prison observing the penal system from the inside and giving advice to the many who sought his counsel.

I bet he did.

“So how did you get the witnesses to lie to the QC, Taito”

“So the way you make it legal is to get them to offer to work for free, rather than tell them they must”

I am sure they learnt a lot from him.

The former Labour Party member for Mangere would not talk about his convictions citing a pending Supreme Court appeal.

He said he had to be ”guarded” with his words as he had ”already suffered a media trial before a trial”.

When it was put to him that gaining parole normally meant taking responsibility for your crime he said: ”You’ll have to answer that question for yourself.”

I bet you he will never ever publicly admit he did wrong. His belief is the same as Labour’s official line that the only thing he is guilty of is working too hard to help his constituents.

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