The Campaign TV Openings

Last night saw the televised opening broadcasts from National, Labour and the Greens.

Here’s my scores on the following attributes

  • Style
  • Policy Focus
  • Creativity
  • Team Focus
  • Relevance


  • Style – 1/10 – the technical quality was appalling, both in terms of sound and lighting. May have been a deliberate decision to go for substance over style, in which case they wildly succeeded. There is a difference between no style and not overly flashy though!
  • Policy Focus – 8/10. Key talked on the major issues. He talked both about what the Government had done and what it will do if re-elected.
  • Creativity – 0/10. Did not inspire.
  • Team Focus – 2/10. In that environment had to be Key only, but could have mentioned other Ministers more.
  • Relevance – 9/10. It wasn’t about trivial stuff, but stuff that people are interested in and want to hear about. Stayed current
  • Positivity – 8/10. Talked about themselves, didn’t knock opponents. Focused on a brighter future.


  • Style – 8/10. Was well done and engaging. Used the visual medium well. You actually wanted to hear the next few minutes of the story.
  • Policy Focus – 3/10. Did not hardly mention any of their current policies at all. Solely Basically attacked National’s policies and records – not just the current National either, but those of the last 80 years!
  • Creativity – 7/10. Not the usual format. Was a good focus on why their MPs are Labour.
  • Team Focus – 6/10. Sensible to use attractive and personable MPs such as O’Connor, Nash, Ardern, Robertson etc. However no mention of Deputy Leader, David Parker. And use of O’Connor was cynical as he is not even on the party list and probably won’t even be an MP.
  • Relevance – 2/10. Not only failed to mention a single policy they were promoting, also spent far too long campaigning against Sid Holland and Rob Muldoon.
  • Positivity – 3/10. Spent most of the time knocking National, and revisiting past grievances. However balanced that a bit by positive statements from some MPs.


  • Style – 7/10. Good use of outdoors scenery. The odd technical hitch with lighting and camera shaking. Nice start talking about richer NZ, then having co-leaders talk.
  • Policy Focus – 9/10. Talked relentlessly about their policies, and how they planed to achieve them.
  • Creativity – 6/10. A basic concept executed well
  • Team Focus – 5/10. Brief mention and profile of rest of the team.
  • Relevance – 7/10. They talked well about the issues around their brand. However not necessarily the issues for all NZers. Nice linking of environment and economy.
  • Positivity – 9/10. Relentlessly positive about what could be achieved if you voted for them. Highlighted their achievements with National. Even when negative such as state of rivers, talked on turning it around.

How did you find them?

I might rate the other party ones tonight, but not sure I can be bothered watching them all 🙂


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