Wellywood gets just 10%

Thank goodness, the Wellywood option got under 10% of the vote. eye of the Taniwha got around around 35% and Wellington Blown Away got 65%.

Like many would have been happy with no sign, but at least we have a sign that won’t make us cringe and is slightly funny.

Now hopefully the airport company can go back to, well, running the aiport.

Number one priority should be to change the security check area to where the cafe is, so the Koru Club is within the security zone. In Auckland you can be on board your flight within a minute of the boarding call, while in Wellington you often need to then spend 5 – 10 minutes in a security queue before boarding.

Of course a more sensible option would to to abolish the security checks all together for domestic flights, but that is a Government decision. You have to endure them for Wellington to Auckland but not Wellington to Hamilton. Just classify all our flights as provincial.

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