What a Labour-led coalition may look like

In my Herald column, I look at what the Herald Digipoll suggests could be an alternative to a National-led Government – a Labour/Green/NZ First/Maori/Mana Government.

It is hard to imagine Hone Harawira would settle for anything less than Maori Affairs. He would not trust any Department headed up and/or staffed by Pakeha mofos.

Andrew Williams would put his hand up to be Minister of Local Government, bringing all his diplomatic skills to the job. That anguished scream you hear is Len Brown jumping out his Auckland Town Hall office window.

Who knows what bauble Winston Peters would take. He’s already had so many – Deputy PM, Treasurer, Foreign Minister. As he is a lawyer, perhaps he would become the nation’s Attorney-General?

The Greens would be very fortunate. On their current polling Phil Goff would have to make their entire current caucus Ministers of the Crown. Catherine Delahunty would be a shoo-in to be Treaty Negotiations Minister. Has any Ngati Pakeha ever been more supportive of Maori aspiration than Catherine?

This is what people may wake up to on the 27th of November. I do see the bright side though:

As a blogger and political commentator, such a Government would be wonderful. Every day would be wonderfully exciting as Phil Goff (who struggles to have discipline even over his own caucus) tries to get Winston and Hone to agree on what laws he is allowed to pass. With a one vote majority, every single MP and party would have a veto over all Government decisions. This would mean that no one can predict in advance what the Government will do. The biggest beneficiary of such an election result would be the iPredict predictions market.

It would be a blogger’s dream!

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