Occupy Auckland

Stuff reports:

A protest against corporate greed has morphed into a group of homeless people and activists more intent on conflict than change, an ex-occupier says.  …

Auckland spokesman Chris Glen confirmed the homeless were among the protesters in Auckland.

”Of course there’s homeless people. We’re providing them with a home.”

The admission comes as an activist who quit the movement, Andrew Hendrie, spoke out about the changing nature of the movement.

Hendrie wrote to Auckland Council to warn of an increasing number of homeless people joining the anti-capitalist protest.

”I witnessed a consistent erosion in the number of genuine campaigners at the site, a consistent increase in the number of homeless residents joining, [and] a lack of suitable controls around new members joining and their behaviour.”

Group meetings were hijacked by interest groups and protesters rejected ”reasonable” Council requests, he said.

”Those who are leading this leaderless movement are more intent on conflict with authority, rather than positive change.”

And this comes from one of the former occupiers. Can’t say I am surprised.

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