Another CCC blunder?

NewstalkZB reports:

A ‘please explain’ letter has been sent to the chief executive of the by a group of his own councillors.

The letter to Tony Marryatt, over the move to relocate the council’s after hours call centre to Palmerston North, was leaked to media yesterday.

I don’t have a problem with out-sourcing generally.

But to have the Christchurch City Council outsource to Palmerston North at the same time as they are urging businesses not to leave Christchurch?

That’s a new level of stupidity.

There seems to be some real problems there. The CEO reappointment process, the CEO salary increase and justification, the attempt to charge quake victims for burial in the special memorial site, and now this.

UPDATE: Not as bad as it first seemed. The original story referred to 18 staff losing their jobs. In fact it seems only one FTE job will be lost. 18 is the total number of staff in the Orion call centre. Six are losing their jobs, but their hours only total 40 hours a week. The decision is still questionable, but one FTE is very different to 18 staff losing jobs.

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