Key’s speech

has said in a speech:

the Government’s four key priorities for the term are to:

  • responsibly manage the Government’s finances
  • build a more competitive and productive economy
  • deliver better public services
  • rebuild Christchurch.

The rebuilding of Christchurch may prove to be the most challenging. The continual after-shocks are making it very hard.

Mr Key said that the Government’s focus on responsibly managing its finances includes a commitment to return to surplus in 2014/15 – which National campaigned on at the election.  The Budget Policy Statement, which will be released on February 16, will update the track toward that surplus.

“Today I can confirm that we are still on track to post a surplus in 2014/15, and the upcoming Budget Policy Statement will show a forecast surplus in the range of $300 to $500 million in that year,” Mr Key said.

That is getting tight. It will be extremely challenging.

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