Nga Manu

In they have the Nga Manu nature reserve. I’d never been to it, and saw a good review, so decided to give it a visit.

$15 entry (Zealandia take note) and it’s a very pleasant 60 – 90 minute walk around. On a hot summer day, especially nice. If you’re into birds, or have kids, could be a good place to pop into. Kids are just $6 each and a family no more than $35.

Just after the entrance a large grassed area with a pond and lots of ducks.

A black swan being curious.

You can get a packet of duck food for $2 and the ducks are not shy. The literally surround you, and even walk over your feet if they think there is food nearby.

This is a kakariki, specifically a red-crowned parrot. I love how the green matches the grass.

A kaka.

A kereru or woodpigeon.

And the pukeko or swamp hen.

It’s biting a nail? Must be a kea!

Another little pond. It’s a beautiful setting.

And white swans this time.

There’s a loop bushwalk which takes around half an hour. I love paths where the trees are so abundant they keep the sun out.

And they have a few education notices out. 800 kgs a year of fruit from one tree is damn impressive.

Our silver fern of course.

The white-faced heron.

And feeding the ducks at the end!

As I said, a nice place to visit on a summer day.

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