The wrong person to try and intimidate

The ODT report:

law-reform activist is shaken but unfazed despite death threats and an attack on his Dunedin residence over the weekend.

A brick, with a note attached, was thrown through the window of his Kaikorai address at 11.05pm on Friday, landing 4m across the living room floor. The note said: “Leave Gods [sic] laws or be struck down dead”.

How lovely.

“They’re obviously from people who are opposed to the law change I’m seeking. They’re obviously not very bright, because they glued all the letters, but hand-wrote the address on the envelope,” he said.

Dumb and dumber.

The offender picked the wrong target in Davison, who is head of the University of Western Cape forensic laboratory in South Africa.

“I’m going to get the letters DNA-tested at our laboratory in Cape Town … you can easily get profiles from stamps and envelopes,” he said.

“Then I’ll provide the results to the police.”

Excellent. Great initiative.

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