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For those who are keen followers of , which is basically the intersection of policy, law and Parliament, you may be interested in an upcoming book from , called Public Law Toolbox. Some of the early review comments are:

This book is unique. There is nothing else like it. It adds a new dimension to understanding the New Zealand government and how New Zealanders are governed. It is not a book that concentrates upon theory or gives detailed analytical accounts of legal doctrine. What it does is to look inside the engine of the New Zealand system of government and tell people how it works, up close and in detail. It is the perspective of an engineer in the engine room. – Sir Geoffrey Palmer

Mai Chen’s Public Law toolbox is a gift to our nation of monumental proportion! It is a comprehensive, authoritative, culturally insightful and intensely interesting body of work which is highly accessible and relevant for any professional, business, student and the layperson operating in New Zealand today. – Jenny Shipley

Mai Chen is uniquely qualified to write this book.

What she has produced is an accessible, easy to read guide that assists in the navigation of the operation of government which for many of us in business is at best a maze and at worst a minefield.

The book provides formidable evidence of the depth of Mai’s knowledge and experience and the examples cited are relevant and topical. I believe it is not only a “must read” for businesspeople in New Zealand  but it is also a “must keep” in that it is unmatched as an ongoing  reference tool on the subject. – Joan Withers

You can pre-order it from Lexis Nexis.

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