Coddington on charter schools

writes in the HoS:

Why the fuss over ? Given the hysterical ranting from teacher unions, you’d think we were returning to caning on the backside.

It won’t be compulsory for students to attend what are, essentially, alternative choices for parents to state or private schools. A bit like kura kaupapa.

But unions don’t like parental choice. They like telling parents what to do. Robin Duff, head of the PPTA, published an opinion piece comparing these evil charter schools with epic failures such as the Pike River mining disaster, the Global Financial Crisis and the grounding of the container ship Rena.

Charter schools also cause famine in Africa I understand.

The commonality is that none are accountable. But charter schools are accountable to parents, something that many state schools are not.

If parents can choose to stay or leave a school, that is the best form of accountability.

While the PPTA and NZEI remain firmly wedded to collective agreements, it will be difficult to introduce incentives to keep brilliant teachers in the classrooms when they must move into management for higher salaries. In union land, excellent teachers shouldn’t get more pay than incompetent colleagues on the same level because that’s not fair.

I say let each principal decide for themselves how much to pay the teachers at their school, within a total budget.

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