Mondayising Waitangi and Anzac Days

In my blog at Stuff I say:

But how significant would this law change be, in terms of labour costs? On average it will result in two extra days of paid holidays every seven years. Over seven years there are around 1600 paid workdays, so the increase in labour cost is 2/1600 or 0.12 per cent. 

This is a pretty modest increase in labour costs. It is about 1/16th the cost of having a 2 per cent employer contribution to KiwiSaver.

I’m an employer myself, but I’m in favour of this bill. As an employer I budget for 11 a year anyway when working out my staff costs, and I suspect most employers do the same. This law change would give certainty to both employers and employees, and the impact on labour costs is very modest.

You can comment over at , as well as here. I also cover in what future years the bill would actually impact.

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