So much for vetting

Australia Labor are having a nightmare campaign. Rudd resigning does not help Anna Blight. Then they have one candidate who is a 20 year old Brisbane student and trade unionist who is standing for Gregory, and has never ever been in the electorate – and worse says he may not have time to go there before the election!

Maybe the ALP should spin Gregory as being along SH1 from Brisbane, as NZ Labour did with an out of towner with Tauranga – it is only 1,000 kms away:-)

But the real nasty stuff is a 19 year old candidate Peter Watson who has been sacked. He was sacked originally for comments made a few years ago, but it seems his views have got worse, if anything:

Mr Watson also blamed Jews for the deaths of millions of people and said racist people were discriminated against.

This is a statement he put out:

As for what I believe in, I believe in the original values of the original labour and union movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

The Australian labour movement and the Commonwealth were both founded on the principles of preserving the Australian continent for the White European working man. 

That is why the labour movement supported the White Australia Policy and the deportation of Pacific labourers back to their native homelands. 

As an old labour socialist, I am opposed to multiculturalism, globalisation and to economic rationalism. 

It is a disgrace that successive labour governments have embraced those principles at the expense of working class socialism and White Australian Nationalism. 

The Australian continent must always be for the White working man and his family.”

How the hell does someone like that get selected by Labor? Even in the least winnable of seats, a political party should vet their candidates and you know ask them basic questions such as are you a neo-nazi?

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