Wellington Rubbish

Katie Chapman reports at Dom Post:

Wellington’s rubbish collection service could face the axe as the cost of rubbish bags looks set to increase again.

The cash-strapped is once again proposing to increase the price of yellow rubbish bags.

The council will also consider getting out of the rubbish business altogether, as it struggles to compete with private wheelie bin operators. …

In a review of waste collection services, the council would also consider whether it should get out of rubbish collection entirely, as private bin companies increasingly took over the market.

Up to 40 per cent of Wellington households had wheelie bins through private companies, Mr Mendonca said.

“It’s a bit of a strategic question of whether the council needs to be in the business.”

I hope the Council does look at whether a public sector operator is necessary, if private competitors have already taken care of 40% of households.

Our apartments don’t use the council service. What do others use?

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