Bain says parents made him strong

Edward Rooney in HoS reports:

David Bain says he was able to cope with the conviction for killing his entire family because his parents had raised him to be courageous and strong.

He makes the comment in his interview with TV3’s 60 Minutesshow, which airs tonight. Asked how he coped with the loss of his family, Bain says, “Thinking back over a lot of the circumstances I don’t know how I got through them. I can only thank my upbringing, my family, my Mum and Dad [who] helped us with our education, with our upbringing, with university studies and helped us become the people we are. And somewhere in there I guess was the learned strength and courage that they both had.”

Hmmn so David now speaking so well of his father. Recall the trial, as reported by NZ Herald:

David Bain said he hated his father, a court has heard.

Valerie Boyd, David’s aunty, told the High Court today that she had a conversation with David in the days following the death of five members of his family on June 20, 1994.

Bain, 37, is on trial for the murder of his parents and three siblings in their Dunedin home on June 20, 1994. His defence team say his father Robin, 58, shot dead the rest of the family before turning the .22 rifle on himself.

Mrs Boyd said when she spoke with David, he told her that he hated his father.

David considered Robin sneaky, because he listened in to conversations that had nothing to do with him, Mrs Boyd said.

Robin had separated from his wife Margaret, and David said they did not want him in the family home, but he would not leave.

What a coincidence having the first ever interview, just as the compensation claim is being considered.

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