Guest Post: Nothing is quite what it seems

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When I became a journalist the first thing I was taught was that names were news. Many people don’t mind what you say about them so long as you spell their names properly.

I was also taught facts were sacred. The old adage was: “When in doubt, leave out. Better still, find out.”

I was also taught there are at least two sides to every story and nothing is quite as it seems.

This story is literally true:

I have visited a brothel only once in my life. The girls were so impressed with me that they gave ME money. When I left they all invited me back, offering their services at a discount.”

So is this story:

I have shared a bed with journalist Jane Clifton, politician Annette King and singer Millie Small”   If you remember Millie, then you ARE getting old.

Now for the truth.

I was conducting a collection for the Daffodil Day. Me and an old mate Gwyll Williams were given the Waiwhetu industrial area. Nestled snugly down an alleyway is the establishment known as The Quarry Inn.

I suggested going in, but Gwyll demurred, reckoning his wife would kill him if she found out. So I went alone.

I explained myself to the bloodshot eye at the door and was let in. There, all the girls, gorgeous creatures lounging around in various stages of undress,  donated, the only one who wouldn’t was the owner.

As I left several of the girls asked me to come back again.

One gave me a sly wink.

“Give ya a discount,” she grinned.

I and a few others shared a bed with the lovely Jane in the St George Hotel in Wellington. We were attending a union conference. All we did was drink and pass around an illegal substance.

I interviewed Annette after she won a seat in Parliament. The small beachside bach was full of rowdy Labourites and the only place we could go for some quietness was a poky bedroom.

Millie Small was visiting Napier for a concert. She got the flu, but still agreed to an interview and photographs. I perched on the bed while asking her questions. Lovely girl, a real trooper.

Nothing is ever quite what it seems. Question everything and never believe anything you read or are told. Not even this.

I think Millie Small now qualifies for a super gold card 🙂

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