It is not your cathedral

The Herald reports:

A City Councillor has called for a televised debate on whether the cathedral should be pulled down.

Councillor Aaron Keown, representing the Shirley-Papanui ward, has argued the Anglican Church is not being transparent about the reasons for not demolishing the cathedral.

“You’ve got a building in the centre of Christchurch that has more value to the city and the people of Christchurch than it does to the church.

Tough. It belongs to the Anglican Church. The public don’t get a vote on this.

Mr Keown said the costs and upkeep of the cathedral should be transferred to the city.

“It would still be the Anglican Cathedral, I would like to see them semi hand over the ownership. Kind of like how there have partnerships with iwi, we’ve got to do the same with the church. The church just don’t have the money they once had.”

You want to spend ratepayers money on buying a cathedral??? No. And the Church has an insurance policy.

He said he will bring up the possibility of council leading legal action against the church at the next meeting.

What part of private property rights is hard to understand? Also what part of unsafe is hard to fathom.

I’m not saying the Anglican Church has made the right decision. I’m saying it is their decision. If you don’t like it, then join the Church and roll the bishop or something – if that is possible.

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