Jim it’s not your effing cathedral

Stuff reports:

A working party tasked with finding a solution for the quake-damaged Anglican cathedral is “farcical” and “pointless” if its recommendations are not binding, a heritage campaign group says.

Co-chair of the Great Christchurch Buildings Trust (GCBT), , has been campaigning to restore the building. He said the working party’s recommendations, which are expected in December, should be binding for the Anglicans and his campaign group.

This is nonsense, as usual, from Anderton.

His campaign group are not the owners of the cathedral. The Anglican Church are. Of courser any working group can not be binding on the owner.

If someone set up a campaign group around what to do with Jim Anderton’s home in Christchurch, would he agree to a working party having binding authority over what happens to his house?

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