Trevor’s Lusk fixation

Radio NZ reports:

Judith Collins says she did not leak it either, while the chairman of the Accident Compensation Corporation board says it did not come from ACC.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard says National Party supporter Simon Lusk acted as a conduit between Judith Collins and one of her blogger friends with the information.

But Ms Collins says Mr Lusk is not someone she or her staff have dealings with.

You note the total lack of evidence put up by Trevor. It is his normal just invent a story, which for somebizarre reasons the media think has some credibility.

The exchange in the House yesterday was pretty clear cut:

Hon Trevor Mallard: Did she or any of her staff discuss the contents of the Boag email with Simon Lusk?


Hon Trevor Mallard: Did she or any of her staff discuss the systemic privacy issues that Boag and Pullar raised with her with Simon Lusk?


Trevor has a fascination with Simon, but the fascination doesn’t extend to accuracy. He stated on numerous occasions last year that Simon Lusk worked for Steven Joyce and on his orders orchestrated the ACT coup.

It is hard to describe how off the planet this is.  All I can say is if you do not believe me, just go up to any National MP and ask them “Does Simon Lusk work for Steven Joyce” and around five minutes later you’ll get a response once they have picked themselves up from the floor, and stopped laughing.

Trevor Mallard is to accuracy what Charlie Sheen is to celibacy.

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