Windflow and nuclear

Stuff reports:

Technology’s boss is batting away any unease about his company’s hook up with a United States giant which makes nuclear submarines, saying it is like turning military weapons to peacetime products.

This week the small, struggling Christchurch turbine manufacturer disclosed a 10-year licensing agreement with General Dynamics SATCOM, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, which manufactures weapons, military vehicles and military communications systems.

Windflow is strapped for cash and needs new customers if it is to survive. …

Henderson said he had not received any criticisms from shareholders about the deal, and had actually received  some congratulations.

This is hilarious. Windflow has been held up as the darling of the Green Party for years. Jeanette was a shareholder, as were other Green MPs. I think their superannuation scheme is also an investor.

Now Russel Norman gets up on regular occasions and demands the NZ Super Fund doesn’t invest in certain companies because one of their subsidiaries in in partnership with some company that does something they don’t like.

I look forward to the extending the same criteria to Windflow and denouncing it. Or maybe it is only the NZ Super Fund they say shouldn’t invest in companies linked to technologies they disapprove of, and it is fine for their own super fund to do so?

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