I enjoy Morgan Godfery’s blog as he gives a good perspective on the world of Maori politics. Most of his posts are thoughtful and interesting.

Then some are not. Yesterday he blogged:

Prominent protesters are accusing the of brutality. The protesters, which include John Minto and Joe Carolan, were protesting the eviction of state house tenants in Glen Innes. Apparently Minto was beaten and female protesters were handled violently with one woman entering a seizure as a result of the Police’s heavy hands.  Of course, this is exactly what the Police do with protest, especially the blue nappied babies they recruit for South Auckland. 

That part is okay, as a point of view. Personally I would not rush into judgement off one party’s version of events. The IPCA can investigate any complaint of Police “brutality”.

They’re desperate for recruits so they, more often than not, recruit brain-dead males fresh from failing to gain university entrance or any meaningful academic qualification. I’ve always said, you become a cop if you’re too dumb to do law and too soft to join the military. 

This is just plain insulting and stupid, especially of a professions where six officers get assaulted every day, one of them seriously. The average officer will probably get assaulted a dozen times in their career. Some get killed or stabbed doing their duty of protecting New Zealanders.

It is very easy for a university student to sneer at Police as being thick. I’ve known a few cops (and dated one), and that has not been my experience.

If people comment on this thread, don’t just abuse Morgan. Say why you think he is wrong (or right).

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