Rating Councillors

The Press has done a report card on the Christchurch City Councillors.

I think such report cards are a good thing, as the average resident does not follow Council business closely enough to gain an informed opinion of which Councillors are performing. It is of course just an subjective rating, but they give reasons. I do think however that the article should list which staffers did the ratings, in the interests of transparency.

I also think the way the Wellingtonian did it, is a good model. Rather than do ratings just from their staff, they assembled a panel and got them to rate the Councillors.

Anyway the ratings are:

  • Tim Carter B+
  • Yani Johanson B+
  • Glenn Livingstone B+
  • Sue Wells B
  • Claudia Reid B
  • Jamie Gough B
  • Ngaire Button C
  • Aaron Keown C
  • Bob Parker C
  • Jimmy Chen C-
  • Helen Broughton D+
  • Barry Corbett D
  • Sally Buck D

plans to repeat the ratings before the October 2013 elections.

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