Unhappy Sky customers

Some very unhappy Sky customers last night. Thousands had paid $20 for the biggest wrestling pay per view of the year, and they cut it off with half an hour to go on the main event. As of last night they were not offering refunds on the basis there was a replay at midnight.

It seems Sky under-estimated how long it would last. Then as people complained, it is alleged they started deleting comments off Sky’s Facebook page. That is a silly thing to do, if correct.

One reader took the day off work to be able to watch it, and is very unhappy there is no refund. Watching it later is not the same as watching it live – people paid the $20 to be able to watch it live. If one was watching it on the actual channel then they may have seen the last half hour, but if like most you are watching it on the PVR with a small time delay so you can fast forward breaks etc, then you missed out on the last 30 minutes.

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