Yes Prime Minister

Great news, reports the Telegraph:

Famed for its masterful lampooning of the inner workings of British government, Yes, Prime Minister captured the obfuscation of Whitehall mandarins to a tee.

Now, nearly a quarter of a century on, the much-lauded satirical sitcom is set to return to our screens for a new series seemingly based on the current Coalition government.

This time around the Rt. Hon Jim Hacker, previously played by the late Paul Eddington, will be confronting “the greatest economic crisis in a generation”.

And to give the new series a further contemporary twist, Number 10 will also face issues over a Scottish referendum on independence and the possible collapse of the European Union.

I can’t wait.

It will be weird to see different actors in it though. Paul Eddington who died in 1995 did the gormless Hacker so well. Nigel Hawthorne died in 2001 was perfect as Sir Humphrey.

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