Games of Thrones and piracy

The Herald reports:

Epic HBO show Game of Thrones is on to become the most downloaded show of the year, and possibly of all time.

The second season of Game of Thrones, which screens on Sky TV’s SoHo channel in New Zealand, has been downloaded around 25 million times since it began in April, according to a report

I love the books and the TV series. It has it all – politics, warfare, assassinations, treachery, a dwarf, sex and great plotlines.

Forums suggested HBO needed to offer better online servicers to people wanted to pay to watch the show – an issue satarised inthis popular comic strip.

“Every time I download the new episode, I send HBO an email asking them where I can send them a dollar or two for the episode. They have yet to get back to me,” said one reader.

Other downloaders suggested they wouldn’t know about the show if it wasn’t for downloading, and pointed out they’d still buy the blu-ray set once it was available.

Despite the show being a favourite among filesharers, Game of Thrones is winning increasing numbers of viewers on television, with almost four million tuning in on Sunday nights for a new episode in the US.

I for one can’t wait to buy the blu-ray set. I am watching Season Two on Soho, but yes had to torrent a couple of episodes of Series One I missed as there was no other way to view them.

The cartoon linked above is so spot on, I have included it over the break for people to see.

I love the term “cunthammer” 🙂

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