Louis Crimp

Oh dear, where do I start. A revealing interview by David Fisher:

Mr Crimp, a multimillionaire businessman, said he was inspired by Dr Brash’s controversial 2004 Orewa speech and supported Act when the former National Party leader took over as Act’s leader last year.

“I supported Act because I thought Brash would go along the way for Maoris to be treated like equal New Zealanders … they don’t get any more than a normal New Zealander and we’re all the same.

So far so good. A perfectly normal view.

I know white New Zealanders want the Maoris to be treated like ordinary New Zealanders.”

Then it starts to go down hill. Referring to “white” New Zealanders and also referring to “the Maoris” as if they are a separate species.

Mr Crimp said Act should have taken a harder line on Maori during the election even if it led to public outcry. “All the white New Zealanders I’ve spoken to don’t like the Maoris, the way they are full of crime and welfare.”

Oh my God. Mr Crimp is from Invercargill, but that doesn’t excuse such bigotry.

Asked if his political views could be labelled racist, he said: “I don’t give a stuff what I’m called. You have to look at the facts and figures. This is the problem with New Zealanders. Most of them dislike the Maoris intensely – I won’t say hate – but they don’t like to say so.”

Thankfully Mr Crimp is wrong. Most New Zealanders dislike racists intensely, not “the Maoris”.

He said there was such nervousness among those he expressed his views to that he would ask if they had Maori blood.

Oh God. How very sad.

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