Theatresports is on every Sunday evening at Circa until the 1st of July. It features two teams of Improvisers, who compete against each other to amuse and entertain the audience.

A clapometer gives each team a score out of 10. Audience members provide key details for each round or skit, and the teams get to work.

The first round was very good, with the challenge being to do a rap rhyming with an audience supplied word. They can’t use the same word twice, and it can not be a swear word. Of course the first word suggested was “duck”. I was going to suggest “hunt”. They did really well rhyming on the spot. One team member has to provide the sentence, but leave the last word blank for the rest of the team to fill in, so it is about how obvious the missing word is.

The other rounds varied from mildly funny to incredibly funny. The cricket commentary on a streaker was sublime, as was the ballet about an eight year old’s high jump victory. A couple of the skits didn’t engage that well, and the audience input seemed peripheral. But the vast majority of the skits were hugely enjoyable, and a audience had a great time. It was a nice fun Sunday night’s entertainment.

Also very good was the scene with the puppet who was not allowed to become a Cardinal, and the slide show of Egyptian pickles. The Improvisers body language and contortions can be just as funny as the dialogue.