The fluoride debate

The Herald reports:

Hamilton residents won’t get a vote on whether fluoride should continue to be added to tap water.

The city council has withdrawn funding for a referendum, and referred the decision to one of its committees.

The Hamilton City Council will also ask the Prime Minister to instruct the country’s chief science adviser to provide advice on fluoridating municipal water supplies.

I’m against compulsory medicating, such as requiring folic acid in bread. I think bakers should voluntarily include folic acid, but if some people want to buy non folic bread, they should be able to.

With the fluoride debate, it is slightly different. I would be against a law requiring all water supplies to include fluoride. But I’m not against a local authority saying the water we supply will include fluoride. While convenient to use the council water supply, you don’t have to.  There are other ways to get drinking water.

So I’m fine with fluoride being included in Council water supplies.

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