A good water solution

Stuff reports:

free water is pumping out of one of the city’s taps at a rate of hundreds of litres a day. 

Since its installation outside Claudelands Events Centre last September, an estimated 40,000 litres of unfluoridated water has poured from the pipes of the special tap.

The outlet, installed by Hamilton City Council, is one of two set up in Hamilton to provide residents with an alternative to the city’s fluoridated water supply. 

The Claudelands tap cost the majority of the $70,000 that was spent on the outlet and installing a tap at a bore-fed unflouridated water source at the Taitua Arboretum. 

It seems to be proving its worth, council city waters manager Maire Porter said. 

“As far as we can tell it is being well utilised by the community and we think it is meeting the demand. Anything that is meeting the needs of the community is beneficial.”

This seems to be a solution working well. The majority of residents wanted the community supply fluoridated, but this allows those who don’t to easily access unfluoridated water.

It is worth remembering that adding fluoride to the community supply is not making it compulsory. It is different to say the proposal to make the addition of folic acid to bread compulsory. That proposal removes choice.

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