The Nation 2 June 2012

Simon Shepherd is filling in for Rachel who is overseas.
1. Colin James will review the political week
2. Simon is live with Green Leader Russel Norman as the Greens hold their annual conference this weekend.
3. Shelley Nahr reports on how the Statistics Department has sexed itself up.
4. Bill Ryan from the Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Government on what Stats has done.
5. On the 50th anniversary of Samoan Independence we have excerpts from Marina McCartney’s short film, “Milk and Honey”. Marina joins us to talk about the 1970s dawn raids on Samoan overstayers in Auckland which inspired the film.
6. Our media panel — Brian Edwards and Bill Ralston on the Press Council, media regulation and foreign correspondents.

Broadcast Saturday 9.30 am, repeated on Sunday at 8.30 pm

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