A solution for Parliamentary catering

Stuff reports:

Is there a boycott brewing in the halls of power?

There is nothing more Wellington than coffee and Parliament, but the price of a flat white has climbed 7.5 per cent at the Beehive eatery Copperfields, causing rumblings among the caffeinerati who point out the price of coffee and milk is falling.

The price rises at Parliament’s “staff cafe” and at the Beanhive takeaway outlet were unveiled yesterday.

A long black is now $4 and a flat white $4.30  among the highest prices around, and above those at specialist coffee outlets neighbouring Parliament.

The complaints over the food and prices at Parliament seem to have reached a new level (they have never been great). I understand the new provider is the same provider of prison food, and the consensus of many staff is that Parliament gets the left overs from Rimutaka Prison 🙂

There is a simple solution to this which I have advocated before. Rather than grant one exclusive catering contract, they should turn Copperfields into a food court. Have three or four competing food outlets there. A sushi bar would be hugely popular. Maybe have a Subway also. Basically just work out a nominal rent, and let in anyone who they think can make a profit selling to 1,000 MPs and staff. Those who don’t provide a quality product will not be profitable.

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